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Coil Binding

Coil Binding provides your book a polished look. It consists of a plastic spiral that is applied to the binding edge of the book. Coil Binding books lay flat when closed and can can be folded open to allow you to hold your book with one hand.

Wire Binding

Our other popular binding option is Wire Binding. Wire Binding is similar to Coil Binding, the only difference is that it features a wire applied to the binding edge of the book instead of a spiral. Wire Binding books lay flat when closed and can can be folded open to allow you to hold your book with one hand. It is also referred to as “twin loop”, “double-o”, “wire-o”, and “wirebind”.

Comb Binding

Comb Binding is a great option for books up to 400 pages. It provides a classic look while allowing it the opportunity to grow with your needs. A benefit of Comb Binding is that you can easily add or remove pages in your book after it is finished. Plastic Comb books are an inexpensive option and are perfect for projects such as financial reports and training guides.

Saddle Stitching

In the printing industry, Saddle Stitching is a popular go-to choice. It refers a book binding method in which folded sheets are gathered together and stapled in the crease. Saddle Stitching is used for small or thin looking book projects. This binding option is perfect for publications such as magazines and newsletters.

Perfect Binding

Perfect Binding is an ideal solution when a book needs to be durable. Unlike the other binding methods, Perfect Binding uses glue as stitching to attach interior pages inside a cover. It is great for thicker books and a popular choice for manuals and informative booklets.

Something Else in mind?

Not all projects follow the rules? Have another binding type in mind? Or maybe different color wiring? No problem! Contact one of our specialists today and we can accommodate your special project needs!


Pitch Books

When pitching your company to potential clients, it’s important to look professional. Concorde’s book binding options allow a sleek sophisticated finish to pitch books.

Health Care Annual Reports

Provide annual reports of your company’s year for your contributors, advisors and staff.

HR Department

Training new hires and keeping current employees up to date is important. Use our book publishing services to assist in your communication efforts.

Comic Books

Comics are fun to read and are gaining popularity in marketing to younger audiences. Print your own comics and have them bound to create a book as part of your marketing campaign.

Self Published Books

Dream of publishing your own books, but think you’re too small? Our book services are great for all sizes books, allowing you the chance to become the author you always dreamed of!

Trade Shows

Program booklets are great for showcasing your services to prospects and an ideal way to let them take the information back to the office.

Chicago’s Book Finishing Experts

We didn’t become one of the best printers overnight, so we understand the importance of quality customer service and production results. Our business is based on responding to the needs of tight production schedules and creative requests, so we’re flexible in our approach and can easily guide you along the way. With our team of production specialists and printers, we are prepared to work with you through any project request.

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