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Laminating posters and other materials turns flimsy projects into durable, resilient pieces that can stand up to daily use. It’s great for posters and other important documents that will be handled or on display. Since projects come in all sorts of dimensions and details, we offer multiple lamination types and thickness.


• High Gloss, durable and scratch resistant. – Available in 3.0Mil, 5.0Mil and10.0Mil

• Matte-finish – low-gloss, durable and great for readability. – Available in 3.0Mil

• Soft Feel- “soft feel” adds a velvety-soft feel to printed materials. Unlike most design elements that appeal to the sense of sight, a soft touch finish allows a printed piece to gain distinction by stimulating the sense of touch. – Available in 1.7mil

Something Else in mind?

While Concorde offers a variety of options for coatings, we realize that some projects require something different. That’s where our print specialists come in handy. They’ll be able to discuss the type of coating you’ll need and help you begin the printing process.



When it comes to mounting printed materials, foam board is the graphic arts industry standard. It provides durability and dynamic visuals without adding excess weight, making it the ideal display medium for artwork, posters, sales presentations, portfolio pieces or event welcome signs. Our digital imaging studio houses everything needed to create impressive-looking and highly durable foam board mounts for displaying for your most important printed projects. Other materials are available as well. If you have a special material email us and ask. If we don’t stock it we can most likely get it quickly.

Board Types

Foamcore – The cost efficient option for quickly having your project mounted. It comes in white and is 3/16” thick is the most common.

Gatorboard- A more durable, Gatorboard is your go to option. It comes in white and 3/16” thickness is the most common.

Something Else in mind?

Not all projects follow the rules! Have another type of mounting needed? We provide other services including easels and pop up banners. Contact our customer sales rep for more information today!


Retail Pop Printing

Creating pop up banners for new campaigns is easy with wide format printing and banner finishing options.

Trade Show Signs

Reach out to customers at shows with mounted posters, showcasing your company’s services.

Graphics Charts

Showcase your company’s annual growth in yearly meetings with large format and mounted charts.

Menu Boards

Showcase your lunch with a stand up mounted menu on an easel. By being placed in convenient places, your customers won’t easily miss your specials!

Presentation Boards

Look polished and organized with your visual evidence in the courtroom. With evidence mounted you can focus on convincing the jury to help them make a decision.

Book Signing Signage

Book signings are important in marketing your publication. When at your event, market yourself with mounted posters so interested parties can find you.

Chicago’s Lamination & Mounting Experts

We didn’t become one of the best printers overnight, so we understand the importance of quality customer service and production results. Our business is based on responding to the needs of tight production schedules and creative requests, so we’re flexible in our approach and can easily guide you along the way. With our team of production specialists and printers, we are prepared to work with you through any project request.

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