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Offset printing is still one of today’s most popular and cost-effective methods for commercial printing. In addition to producing documents that are clean, sharp and consistent, offset printing is also one of the best ways to ensure that your printing job is completed quickly and accurately. We commonly rely on offset printing when producing documents such as stationery and letterhead, flyers, and a wide spectrum of popular business marketing pieces.


• Color Ink

• Prints on up to 13″x18″ paper

• Great for large size runs

• Pantone Matching Available


Some projects require a little more pizzaz to complete; that’s where our finishing options come in handy! Concorde offers a variety of finishing and bindery styles, such as, padding, perforating, cutting, collating, saddle stitched and perfect bound books, folding, drilling and shrink wrapping among others. To discuss your project’s needs, speak with one of our printing experts today!


Commercial Contractors

Create a bid, quote and contract package to help bring in clients and maintain your image. Offset printing allows affordable high volume runs of envelopes and letterheads that you’ll need to continue doing business.

Animal Rescues

Create appeal letters, envelopes and other fundraising collateral to send to everyone on your mailing list. Offset printing allows affordable high volume runs of all collateral, so you won’t have to worry about missing out on a donation.

Concert Venues

Create eye popping brochures showcasing upcoming artists and entertainers. Off-set printing allows affordable high quality image reproduction, so you’ll never have to worry about looking washed out.

Health Providers

Create consistent branding for your healthcare collateral including business cards and patient forms. Offset printing allows the opportunity to use your trusted colors on all pieces for a coherent look.

Cleaning Companies

Organization is an important part of keeping sane and your clients clean! Help your business and clients stay organized by providing Weekly To Do Lists, Branded Notepads, Daily Lists, planners and more.

Retail Promotions

Create eye popping coupon designs to alert customers to deals and promotions. Offset printing offers the chance to mix high quality color with lower operating costs, so you can focus on your sales.

Chicago’s Offset Printing Experts

We didn’t become one of the best printers overnight, so we understand the importance of quality customer service and production results. Our business is based on responding to the needs of tight production schedules and creative requests, so we’re flexible in our approach and can easily guide you along the way. With our team of production specialists and printers, we are prepared to work with you through any project request.

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