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Posters and oversized prints are a smart and cost-effective way to decorate, advertise or announce your message to the world. Wide format printing is available in full color. For an even more impressive appearance, we can laminate your finished piece using either gloss or matte lamination. Popular wide format projects are sandwich signs for theater performances, large size photographs and trade show presentations.


• Up to 12 Color printing

• Great for Posters and Large Images

• Quick turn around time


Sometimes your poster needs something extra to help it stand out. That’s why we offer mounting and lamination services. We have a variety of lamination available in gloss and matte, as well as a selection of foam and rigid materials for mounting.


Trade Show

Eye catching pop up banners are a great way to entice people walking by your booth. Wide Format Printing allows you the opportunity to design a pop up banner to showcase your company at important trade show events.

Theater Performances

Sandwich signs are the perfect way to educate people about the current shows your theater is offering. Wide Format printing allows you to have large signs printed for your theater.


Funerals are an important way to remember the people we’ve spent time with. Wide Format printing is an option to print large scale photographs of a person.

Presentation Boards

Presentation pitches are stressful enough without having to worry about how to display your information. Wide Format printing and lamination make it easy to showcase a mounted print out of charts and findings.

Resident Contractors

Drawings and mock ups are important parts of pitching designs and ideas for resident building. Wide format printing makes printing blue prints and other large scale art easy.

Arts & Entertainment

Large posters are important to showcase upcoming shows. Wide format printing and mounting services allow you the chance to display posters, that are protected from fingerprints and other damage.

Chicago’s Wide Format Printing Experts

We didn’t become one of the best printers overnight, so we understand the importance of quality customer service and production results. Our business is based on responding to the needs of tight production schedules and creative requests, so we’re flexible in our approach and can easily guide you along the way. With our team of production specialists and printers, we are prepared to work with you through any project request.

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